The society relies on our young people who are physically fit with good planning and judgment. That is why The Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP) organizes Rogaine competitions.

  To bring the excitement of planning, judgment and physical challenge to Hong Kong people
  To encourage young people to meet challenges, explore their potentials, grow and learn through determination

  To raise fund for AYP, supporting its youth development work in Hong Kong

30 years ago, Rod, Gail, and Neil Phillips, the founders of Rogaine, observed that the hiking competition at that time required all participants to follow the same sequence in visiting the set checkpoints. All participants competing in the race could only follow the others for the same direction which could never provide an opportunity for them to test their own navigation and mountaineering skills. Hence, the founders created Rogaine, which requires participants to set their own route for the cross-country navigation competition. Rogaine was then started near Melbourne during the 1970s and by word-of-mouth extended across Australia, then to NZ, USA, Canada, Germany; 20 countries are now affiliated with the International Rogaining Federation based in Melbourne. The International Rogaining Federation would hold the World Rogaining Championships in different parts of the world bi-annually which attracts thousands of Rogainers each time.

Rogaine was introduced by The Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP) in 2007, and the first Rogaine competition in Hong Kong was held in the same year. Rogaine is an all-rounded challenge which matches perfectly with the all-rounded development promoted by AYP. Both Rogaine and AYP encourage young people to meet challenges, explore their potentials, grow and learn through determination. To date, Rogaine has become the annual fundraising event of AYP. 6-hour and 24-hour race would be organized in every alternate year. AYP hopes the public could know more about AYP through Rogaine and at the same time, raise more funds to provide learning opportunities for young people in Hong Kong.

Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation in which teams of two to four members visit check points in a set time limit. Teams travel entirely on foot, navigating by compass and official map between checkpoints in terrain that varies from open farmland to hilly forest. Teams are required to use their E-cards to punch the control unit at check points to keep records. The team has the highest total marks will be the champion. If there is more than one team getting the highest mark, the team which finishes the race in the shortest time will be the winner. The Event Centre, called the “hash house”, provides simple meals throughout the event. Teams may return at any time to eat or rest.

The Race itself has no set route, Rogainers could strategically plan their own route according to their ability and preference.

Rogaine strongly emphasizes on planning. Since no supply of food and water other than that provided at Event Centre and official water points are allowed during the competition, Rogainers have to prepare sufficient food and drinks before the competition. Also, teams are required to submit their flight plan before start-off, review during the competition whenever necessary and fill in intention sheet about their route at specific check points.

On one hand, the physical requirement for Rogaine is at a higher level than ordinary orienteering competitions to cope with the long hours of competition. On the other hand, Rogaine requires more map work and route planning skills than other hiking or cross-country competitions. The special combination of judgement and physical challenge makes Rogaine a great challenging and exciting game.